Below are copies of the most recent course syllabi from several courses I have taught in the past or am currently teaching.

Syllabi from Previous Courses

Undergraduate Courses
POLS 1100: Introduction to American Government
POLS 1200: American State and Urban Politics
POLS 2000: Undergraduate Research Methods
POLS 2200: Urban Politics
POLS 2350: Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll: Morality Policy in the U.S
POLS 4150: Gender and American Politics
POLS 4930: Urban Economic Development

Graduate Courses
POLS 5020: Advanced Topics in Research Methods
POLS 5100: Seminar in American Politics
POLS 5150: Gender and American Politics
POLS 5170: Electoral Politics
POLS 5200: Seminar in State Politics
POLS 5930: Subnational Politics in the U.S. and World

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